About the Zakat Fund

The Zakat Fund was established by the King Hussein Cancer Foundation as a means for Muslims to give their Zakat in support of underprivileged Muslim cancer patients. The fund is based on the official Fatwa received from the Jordanian Fatwa Council that qualifies the Foundation to be a recipient of Zakat.

Zakat payments are deposited in a separate safe-guarded bank account, and are dispersed within one year in order to treat less fortunate Muslim cancer patients, who are not included in health insurance and/or are unable to pay for the costs of treatment, regardless of age or gender.

The Zakat Fund plays a major role in saving Muslim cancer patients. Between 2008 and end of 2016, the Foundation was able to cover the treatment of 686 less fortunate cancer patients, the financial support totaled at 14,035,131 Jordanian Dinars (19,823,631 USD).